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Takashi ShiratsuchiI would like to express our deepest gratitude for your understanding and support of our business.
Japan was recently hit by an earthquake centered in Kumamoto Prefecture. My heartfelt condolences go out to those who were affected by the disaster. I am praying for the earliest possible restoration of the disaster-hit regions.

Impact of the Kumamoto Earthquake and our support activities
Mac-House operates 10 stores in Kumamoto Prefecture, most of which have resumed normal business operations following the disaster.

We are pleased to have been able to donate on April 15, 2016 a total of 2,700 daily necessity items handled by our company, including innerwear, socks, and towels, to victims of the earthquake as well as those assisting with restoration activities.

Business report for the 26th term from March 1, 2015 to February 29, 2016
Mac-House is undertaking a wide range of challenges to establish new business models that will propel us to greater growth. Our most pressing task, however, is to boost sales at our existing stores. We have been implementing a number of measures to entice as many customers as possible to visit our stores not just once but repeatedly.
In products, we expanded our offerings of daily necessities including innerwear, legwear, rain items, and shoes, while also focusing on selling low-priced, value-for-money products. Furthermore, under what we refer to as the Super Surprise Project, we forged partnerships with new overseas manufacturers, reviewed the operational efficiency, which led to the release of stretch jeans and stretch color pants at astonishingly low prices without compromising quality. In addition, under our project aimed at helping customers cut down on their household expenses, we reduced the prices of 52 basic clothing items. Our measures to generate sales based on new initiatives included the launch of Navy PREMIUM. It is the sub-brand of our core brand, Navy. Navy PREMIUM gives an addition of casual-business style jackets to our lineup.
In sales promotion, we strived to appeal to a wide range of customers by promoting low-priced products through mobile newsletters and flyers, while attracting rather elder customers through newspaper advertising.
With respect to our store management, we opened nine new stores during the term, while closing down 37 unprofitable stores, bringing our total number of stores to 452 as of the end of the 26th term, down 28 stores from a year earlier. Meanwhile, we renovated three existing stores entirely and re-launched them under a new store format, Mac-House SUPER STORE, which offers casual family clothing under a new concept.
As a result, sales at our existing stores increased by 4.9% and the number of customers climbed by 5.1% from the previous term, driving both net sales and net income up for the first time in nine terms.

Outlook for the 27th term (March 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017)
In the 27th term, we will further strengthen our sales of coordinated sets of clothing focusing on bottom wear. The market competitive array of low-priced products will be further expanded, and so will our lineups of innerwear, legwear, rain items, and other daily necessity items to push up the total sales.
We will launch new stores carefully, determining how much they can contribute to our profits, while eagerly closing down unprofitable ones. Meanwhile, we aim to boost net sales per store at our existing stores by implementing renovations and relocations. In addition to Mac-House SUPER STORE, another new business format, Mac-House SUPER STORE FUTURE, will be launched, with some of the stores to be created through renovation projects.
Consequently, we are planning to achieve an increase in both net sales and net income for the 27th term.

Mac-House will continue to make efforts to create stores that attract and serve as many as customers to be an essential part of their life.
We are always grateful for your continued understanding and support.

May 2016
Takashi Shiratsuchi, President and CEO, Mac-House Company Limited

Profile of President & CEO

Date of birth December 26, 1954
March 1981 Graduated from the Faculty of Humanities, University of Kitakyushu
February 1988 Joined Chiyoda Co., Ltd.
July 2004 Manager, Public Relations and Manager, Sales Planning at Chiyoda
August 2005 Manager, PR/IR and Marketing at Chiyoda
May 2007 Director at Chiyoda (holding position to the present)
October 2009 Director and General Manager, Marketing Division and PR/IR at Chiyoda
May 2013 President and CEO of Mac-House

Company Data

jasdaqSecurity code:7603

Company name Mac-House Co., Ltd.
Establishment 1-Jun-90
Capital 1,617,850,000 yen
Number of shares 15,597,638
Location of headquarter 〒166-0011 Shin-KoenjiTwinBuilding, 1-7-7 Umesato,
Suginami-ku, Tokyomap
Number of employees 320 (As of February 29, 2016)
Fiscal term End of February
Main lines of business The Company is a retailer mainly focused on casual clothing and
has a chain of stores nationwide.
Number of stores 445 (As of December 31, 2016)
Main products Clothing and accessories for men, women, and kids.
Life style goods.
Main suppliers EDWIN Co., Ltd., TOYOSHIMA & Co., Ltd., MINOYA Co., Ltd.,
Takihyo Co., Ltd., Sumikin Bussan Corporation,
Affiliated companies Chiyoda Co., Ltd.
Chiyoda Bussan Co., Ltd.
i-WALK Co., Ltd.
President & CEO Takashi Shiratsuchi
Managing Director Koshiro Sugiura
Director Hisami Kitahara
Director Yoshio Kazami
Director and Advisor Masao Funahashi
Director Ai Ishizuka
Director Toshiaki Yamada
Standing Auditor Mamoru Tamura
Auditor Shinichi Miura
Auditor Yoshiaki Uchida
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